Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dr Wan MC!!!

For ur info DrWan tu my supervisor...
smlm dr wan amk cuti pas2 arini mc plak!!!
mc 2 ari lak tu....huhu ape yg perlu aku bt dcni????
dh pnt bc journal ni xnk bc dh...
nk plg blk kat die....nk keje lain plak...
huhu xtau nk wat report ape bt arini sbb cam buang mase jek dr td
wawawa =(

Monday, April 27, 2009

lamenye i bercuti...^_^

Rs cam pelik lak nk post kat cni sbb da lm sgt menyepikan diri....huhu
hari ni ari ke-2 bekerje di upm tp xbt pape pon lg so far...
smlm jmpe supervisor tp diorg cam kasik supervisor yg salah je...
supervisor tu xtau pape pon psl stat sokene tkr supervisor la...
nk kn jmpe pegawai tadbir plak pas ni sbb nk discus psl ni
skrg xleh jmpe die ade hal pas kul 11 ni kot bru die available
so sementara menanti kul 11 tu nilah keje yg plng sesuai tuk aku wat iaitu ONLINE ...hehe =)
em sebenarnye xnmpk pape pon lg benefit wat praktikel ni...
cam xde pape je xwat pon xpe....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

aCtiVeKaN DiRi!!!

yah! saat ini aku akn memulakan langkah2ku untk meagaktifkan diriku dgn merajinkn jari-jariku menaip ape saje yg aku rs ingin igin dipostkan di cni

but i dunt have ideala...long time didn't write an esay or anythng else dat's need me to write...dat's y la i hvng prob rite now to write an esay for my eap clas...huhu...

so starting from 2day i wil merajinkan my self 2 be actived in in dis blog so i can improve my writng skill !! yah!! ;-)

eh xsmbhyng lagila!!!

okla i'm going first...daa..
(dh xe idea sbnry...hahah ;)..)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Assalamualaikum...im doing evaluation text books on mathematics text book form 3 which had been published by Pelangi. I will evaluate it into three different parts, the 1st part is organization, and 2nd part is content and the last part in physical aspect.


This text book provide a useful table of content, glossary, and index. The table of content was arranged based on chapter and it's makes users feel easy to find what they looking for. Besides, glossary at the end of the text book are also gives beneficial for users to find out the meaning of mathematical terms that they use in the content and all of the meaning had been describe in a simplest words, so that everybody can understand it. That's why some of us also known glossary as a mini dictionary. The function of index also at the end of the text book, looks similar like a table of content, the only different here is just, table of content shows the number of page for the content and index show no of page for all terms that they use in glossary.
The table of content in this book also shows logical arrangement and development of subject. All of the chapter had been arranged systematically and it's follow the syllabus that had been fixed by the ministry of education Malaysia and this table of content also had been arranged based on the level of difficulty, which means it's started from easier topic to more harder.
This text book also appear uniformly means it use the same design in arranging the content and for stressing something that are important. They use blue color instead of black color in order to make it different and easily for user to notice it. They also provide useful note same like others text book, this text book also contain references, bibliographies, and other resources which all of these are really helpful. It is sufficiently use by teachers, students and parents, to check all the materials that had been used and get know details information that are related to the contents. Meanwhile all chapters provide an introduction, and they also put the learning objective and give some ideas about the content in this introduction. With those ideas, students can little bit open their mind and get know what actually that chapter talks about. At the end of each chapter, authors also provide the summary for the content so that students can clarify their understanding about that chapter. It’s really helpful in enhancing students understanding, because they put that summary is organize order, clear, and it’s comprehensive. Moreover all of the pages are numbered, so that it will not course any difficulties and problems to users in looking what they want.


For me, all of the contents are accurate and up to date. Authors also provide website address for students to get wide information. Besides, all examples that they use are suitable, clear, and easy to understand and they give various type of problem in their examples. It’s can help students to look the problems in many ways and they can differentiate the problems in many situations. Furthermore authors also use simple word in their writing so that it’s will not course difficulties for students to understand it. They also write clearly and use correct grammar in order to make students not confuse. In other words we can say that, the authors use appropriate language for the intended age group. In addition, this text book also contains quizzes and exercises at the end of each chapter and all of the exercise are really practical and supportive students indulgent. Students also will be interested to finish all the exercises since each question for the exercise and quiz was provided with the answer at the back of the text book. Students can easily check their answer and make a correction if they do a mistake. For my point of view, I think this text book can be used for several years since all the contents are really advanced and new.


In my opinion, the size of this text book are appropriate but not for the weight. It’s because this text book quite heavy and it will course difficulty for students to bring it especially for those who walk to school and have small size of body. For the font size and style, I think it is suitable since they use times new roman and it is standard font for the text. The page layout is not really balanced since at the certain pages, the outlooks are quite crowded and it’s look messy. The using of graph, chart tables and figure are relevant and it is really work to students for better understanding.